Basic Documents Required for All Categories

  • Physical passport along with all old passports (6 Months Validity From the Date of Return)
  • Two white background photo up to chest (45MM X 35 MM Face Size 80% Of the Photo)
  • Application form (Form 14A) – Required Physical
  • Authorization Letter – Required Physical
  • For Salaried person– 3 months’ pay slip and 3 months Bank Statement
  • For Business Person – GST, Income tax 1 year, Bank statement 3 months Bank statement
  • For Retired Person – Retirement Proof and 3 months Bank Statement
  • Conformed Flight ticket if available
  • Conformed Hotel voucher if available

Singapore Tourist Visa Documents Requirements

  • Personal Covering letter Mentioning Travel and Accommodation Details– Required Physical
  • If Invited by relative or friends require V39A Form, IC Card and Passport Copy
  • If the trip is Sponsored by person Their Bank Statement Alone is enough

Documents Required for Children

  • School/ college ID card – Copy, other documents same As Above

Singapore Business Visa Documents Requirements

  • Singapore Company Covering letter – Soft Copy
  • Indian Company Covering Letter – Required Physical
  • Personal Covering Letter – Required Physical
  • India company request letter – Required Physical
  • V39A Form Copy


  • Group Covering letter – Required Physical
  • Required sponsor company 3 months Bank statement (Applicant Personal and Business Bank Statement exempted)

Note: Upload the Soft Copy’s and Courier us the Physical Documents to our Address mentioned in contact Page to process the visa application


Visa Processing time- 3 to 5 working days


Duration: Decided by Consulate


Visa Cost: Rs.1800

Service Charges: Rs.650

Gst (18 %): Rs.117

Total Cost: Rs.2,567